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Email Marketing API

Open Application Program Interface (API)

Open API allows you to customize your email marketing account to accomplish nearly any of your objectives:

  • Create plug-ins that automate tasks and processes for superior efficiency
  • Obtain statistics quicker with custom reports and dashboards.
  • Send targeted campaigns based on purchase tracking information.
  • Trigger personalized messages based on activity originating from your web site or CRM.
  • Rotate promotions/advertisements in your campaigns based on a schedule or subscriber interests.

The API allows administrators to access and manipulate the database tables using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages. SOAP provides a higher-level interface to database information so that no knowledge of database query protocols is required.

Optimize your email marketing with Net Atlantic's Open API, available with Lyris ListManager Enterprise Level, or use StrongView On-Demand's powerful API to integrate with many top CRM applications, including MS Dynamics CRM, SageCRM, Sage SalesLogix, Connector, and SAP CRM.

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