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Purchase Tracking

Track interest, webpage visits, and purchase activity.

Go beyond clickthrough tracking to learn which mailings generate
the most interest, purchases, and profits. With Net Atlantic's email marketing solution you can monitor more than just deliveries, opens and clickthroughs. Advanced marketers can track their prospects' interest levels, webpage visits, actual online and offline purchases, referrals and more.

Take advantage of action tags to measure and optimize your email campaigns. Tracking purchases with action tags allows you to understand more fully the performance of your mailings.

By using our purchase tracking feature, you can easily:

  • Establish the sales volume generated by your email marketing.
  • Gauge how effective you are at getting your subscribers to buy.
  • Identify the "pricing sweet spot" where people buy the most units.
  • Determine total revenue for each purchase price.
  • Confirm the purchase price that makes the most amount of money.
  • Segment your customers based on purchase activity (product purchase, spend amount, or product category).
  • Verify the total revenue by product/SKU.

Measure the volume of sales being generated from your email marketing campaigns in real-time, which “conversion events” turn browsers into buyers, and how to refine your communications to drive loyalty and sales. Increase your email programs profitability with purchase tracking, available with the Enterprise Level Email Marketing.

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