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Return Path Gold

Powerful tools for email deliverability.

No inbox. No click. No revenue. Good email response starts with good email deliverability. With deliverability tools and services from Return Path, you gain visibility into your email deliverability so you can prevent problems before they begin and earn the response you deserve.

The Benefits of Return Path Gold

Return Path’s industry leading deliverability monitoring tools provide the following benefits to email marketers:

  • Reputation Monitor. Know your sender reputation with ISPs and other email receivers. We review than 60 quantitative indicators and qualitative aspects of your email program and show you how to improve your sender reputation and delivery rates.

    • Download Reputation Monitor Data Sheet
  • Campaign Preview. Test your creative before hitting send. See how your campaign will look in different email readers, images and all. Learn if your HTML or content will cause trouble with spam filters. Dramatically increase response rates and reduce complaints.

    • Download Campaign Preview Data Sheet
  • Mailbox Monitor. Know how quickly your email arrived in the inbox with each ISP. We cover more than 130 domains and ISPs in the U.S., European, Canadian, Latin American and Asia Pacific markets, and validate your sending and authentication processes.

    • Download Mailbox Monitor Data Sheet
  • Blacklist Alert. Know whether blacklists are impacting your deliverability. Find out immediately if your IP addresses are placed on any of more than 170 different blacklists and why, so you can get removed from the blacklist and get your email through.

    • Download Blacklist Alert Data Sheet

Why You Need Return Path Gold

Every email sends, but not every email truly arrives. If you don’t know where your email is going, then you are not armed with the right data to make intelligent decisions about your email program. Only by tracking where your email is going with each campaign and understanding the factors that affect your deliverability, can you truly optimize your email program for success.

How to Get Started

Return Path Gold helps you optimize inbox deliverability while growing your email program to maximize your reach.

Contact us today at or call (877) 263-8285 to find out more about Return Path Gold.