SeeWhy Recovers Website Abandoners

Recover lost sales with targeted email and social media.

Over 90% of abandoned shopping carts go cold within an hour.

Currently, 70% of online shopping carts go abandoned, creating a huge amount of lost revenue. 10% to 30% of lost sales can be recovered if an email follow-up is sent immediately after shopping cart abandonment.

SeeWhy Conversion ManagerSeeWhy Conversion Manager helps recover lost revenues from abandoned shopping carts and forms. How? Using web analytics, SeeWhy tracks visitors on your website and triggers real time follow-up emails to those who abandon their carts.

SeeWhy's web analytics solution, integrated with Net Atlantic's email platform, is the fastest way to convert abandoned purchases into revenue.

SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager continuously analyzes a website visitor’s activity and prompts a follow-up email campaign when it detects an abandoned web form or shopping cart. Net Atlantic’s email platform then launches the campaign, optimizes results with A/B split testing and provides real-time engagement metrics. In addition to email, the integrated solution can automatically leverage Facebook Login to send a message to a user’s Facebook account, which is particularly effective for post-purchase "thank you" campaigns that encourage purchasers to share discount codes with their social networks.

Why Choose Conversion Manager?


  • Fully automated multi-stage triggered campaigns
  • Immediate first follow-up drives maximum conversions
  • 1-to-1 send-time optimization for maximum revenue recovery
  • Real time abandonment alerts to drive follow-up actions


  • Automatic tracking stops campaigns when visitors convert
  • Synchronized triggering keeps campaigns in step with your customer
  • Buyer scoring automatically selects abandoners for promotions
  • Behavioral targeting using rules for conditional offers


  • Simple page tag for your site or ecommerce platform
  • Integration with ecommerce platforms and social networks
  • A/B testing for different creative and content approaches
  • Daily summary of abandoned transactions and statistics

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