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Email Segmentation

Segment for success in both consumer and B2B markets.

Segmentation is used to break your email list into smaller groups based on certain demographics of your members, clickthrough or clickstream behavior, survey responses, and more. Once you have defined a set of criteria, the segment will show you all the members that match that description and allow you to send to them instead of your entire list. People can belong to any number of segments as well.

Consumer segments can include:

  • People who wear glasses
  • People who are over 21
  • People who subscribe to video game magazines
  • People who like comedy movies

B2B audiences can be segmented by:

  • Sales cycle (qualified lead vs. prospect)
  • Demographic (industry type, location)
  • Response (behavior-based)

You can create, preview, save, export, and download segments and use this information to tailor your message for each group, or develop product and pricing strategies.

Why Email List Segmentation Matters

Segmentation can greatly improve the response of your email marketing campaigns, raising the open rate from an average of 20% to 50%, and raising your clickthroughs from 5% to 30%. This improvement in response is because the message is more aligned with the reader's interests and needs. Improved email campaign response translates directly into increased productivity, return on your marketing efforts and investment, and higher profitability.

Segmenting your list helps get your email to the people who want it the most, helps inbox delivery, increases user engagement and grows your ROI.

View our Email Segmentation demo howto to learn more about segmentation using Net Atlantic's Email Marketing tool.