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Social Media Integration

Take your email viral with social networking.

Leverage the power of social media to create a competitive marketing advantage by extending the reach of your email marketing campaigns. Social media integration provides a way for your customers to share your email marketing content by posting it on the most popular social media sites including Digg, Furl, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Bookmarks, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and many others.

With social media integration, marketers can now include a tweet that encapsulates their message and post it to their profile. Use it to "socialize" your email marketing campaigns and start reaping the rewards:

  • Expands the reach and maximizes the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns
  • Provides a better way to gather customer feedback and engage with target audiences
  • Extends customer service and loyalty in a fresh new way
  • Adds names to your opt-in email lists organically, reducing dependence on and costs associated with list rental
  • Improves search engine optimization, builds brand buzz, drives web site traffic
  • Engages prospects and customers in a dialogue

Give opt-in list a greater boost with viral messaging

The more people who share your content within their social network, the bigger you can grow your opt-in subscriber list – with almost no effort on your part and without spending a dime. The message itself is perceived as having more value simply because it was recommended by the person who forwarded it. This "viral trigger" turns a passive viewer into an active influencer, who sets "viral" marketing into motion by broadcasting a message that drives awareness and generates leads.

We have the social forward option built right into the message creation process, so all you do is select the option while creating your email marketing message. It drops in the icons, automatically building social sharing and viral marketing capabilities into your message.

Reports and tracking tools are fully-integrated with all of Net Atlantic email marketing solutions.

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