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Survey Tool

Increase message relevance and maximize ROI

Net Atlantic's survey tool allows you to easily create surveys and track responses. Immediately leverage the information you gather with real time reporting to enhance the relevance of your marketing campaigns.

Complete customization allows you to choose exactly how you want your survey to look and act:

  • Build surveys with single or multiple choice radio buttons, rating scales, or free-form text.
  • Allow answers to be required or optional and prevent duplicate entries.
  • Modify post survey actions with webpage confirmations, real time results, or redirect them to the URL of your choice.
  • Brand your survey by editing the header and footer or simply insert it into your webpage.

Analyze results and create actionable items with powerful tracking. Browse individual responses, create charts and graphs or download reports. Segment and target your list based on responses to increase your relevance and maximize ROI.

Survey tools and reports are fully-integrated with all of Net Atlantic email marketing solutions.

For more information on advanced email marketing features contact a Net Atlantic Account Executive at (877) 263-8285.