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Transactional Email Marketing

Keep your brand top of mind.

Transactional emails are automated messages that serve a functional purpose. They are the result of a direct customer transaction and, therefore, are expected by the recipients. Classic examples of automated transactional messages include order confirmations, shipping notifications, registration confirmations, activation notices, product upgrades, password reset messages, membership updates and rewards fulfillment.

Transactional messages:

  • Result in higher inbox delivery since they are delivered on a per-user basis and not in bulk.
  • Are the most accepted type of commercial email and expected by the recipient.
  • Can enrich the customer experience and, as a vehicle for delivering marketing messages, proactively affect customer engagement.

Transactional emails are usually sent immediately after a transaction, but may be delayed as part of an automated email sequence from a single online transaction. For example, a webinar registration may result in five customer service emails—an immediate confirmation message, a two-week reminder, a three-day reminder, a survey immediately following the event, and a final email containing the white paper or presentation.

Drive Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

Transactional email messaging remains an underutilized email marketing opportunity. Although the focus must always be in response to an action taken by the user, they may include a marketing element. If leveraged properly, transactional emails can become an additional source of revenue through embedded marketing and service messaging to improve customer care, purchase frequency, and customer retention.

Transactional messaging is a great way to keep customers informed and engaged with your brand. For more information on transactional email marketing, check out our StrongView On-Demand Edition Transactional Email Platform or contact a Net Atlantic Account Executive at (877) 263-8285.