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VPN Security Awareness Package

Maximize Network Security with VPN and Access Controls

Network and data security is critical to your business, and we take it very seriously at Net Atlantic. Net Atlantic's Security Awareness Package segregates your infrastructure network from your office environment, and protects your server network from potential attacks and risks. We use:

  • Software and hardware firewalls
  • Explicit access control lists
  • Scenario-based access settings

VPN Options

Connects Entire Network    X
Connects Individual Users  X X
Supports Mailing Campaigns  X X
Allows API Commands  X X
Requires Client Engineer    X
Number Of Connections  2 Unlimited
Monthly Cost  $250 $250
Setup Cost  $150 TBD*

* Note: setup fees vary depending on service requirements.

Additional Support and Training

The VPN Security Awareness Package also includes support, training and tutorials to help your network administrators maximize security. We cover:

  • How to improve password security to protect yourself and your assets better
  • How to better use firewalls to limit unauthorized access to your resources
  • How to greatly limit the damage from a network attack or system failure
  • How to use encryption to protect data in case of a comprimise elsewhere
  • How to further reinforce your security using encrypted vpn tunnels
  • How to manage access levels for minimum access and maximum security

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