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7 Ways to Create Empathy in Email: Because You Care

Because connecting with your readers in a genuine way is the best way.

by Alyssa Rice

Emotions. Connections. Empathy.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It means connecting with your reader in a genuine way.

When you use empathy, you can really and truly connect with your reader on a more personal level. And that’s good!

Have you ever read an email where the author got you? It’s like they knew exactly how you felt and then they described it well. Empathy grabs us in a deep way. Practicing empathy with your readers not only deepens your connection with them, it enhances creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

In email marketing, it can be a struggle to connect with your customers. Why? Certainly the volume of email that people get every day is a challenge. But probably the real reason is that so many emails are simply information-based. Knowledge. Facts and Figures. And often not all that meaningful or compelling for the reader.

Many emails are missing a human element to them. They’re business-like. And boring. And they look like all the other emails you get. Ugh.

By using empathy in your emails can overcome those hurdles when trying to connect with your reader. You can connect with your readers in a whole new way. A better way.

Here are 7 ways that you can connect with your readers and create empathy for your brand.

1. Educate Your Audience

LinkedIn educates their users by offering LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which teaches marketers how to grow their audience, create effective content, and complete their marketing goals.

Center some of your blog posts or articles around learning and link it in your emails. If your readers care about the topic that you teach, you will have invested readers. This will create trust between your brand and your reader because they believe you have their back.

2. Inspire Your Audience

Step into your customer’s shoes. What do they want to hear that will inspire them?

Home Depot did this by offering an infographic on how to “Grow a Living Salad Bowl”. Since they are a DIY-centric, this was perfect for their customers. It inspires them to start growing their own gardens.

3. Interact with Your Customers

Create an interactive link or site where your customers can directly interact with you. Whether that be an online quiz or an interactive feature on Instagram and Facebook, there are many ways to interact.

4. Treat Them Well

This might sound a little obvious. Some companies are experts at this practice. Delta continuously shows the importance of brand-empathy, like when they treated customers that were on a delayed flight to a pizza party. Delta showed their customers that they truly care about them.

Dela Airlines Free Pizza Party for Passengers

You can offer your customers a coupon or discount in your newsletters or emails. Anything to make them feel special and valued goes a long way.

5. Display Empathy with Your Audience

Make sure they know that you care. Dove’s recent “Real Beauty” campaign has resonated with millions of customers. Their campaign displays that women, as well as men, struggle with low self-esteem, and show how to overcome it. Check out one of their Dove Real Beauty Sketches here.

6. Use Your Customer’s Content

If your customer posts a photo and it relates to your brand, repost it in your emails! Not only does it excite that one customer, but it will excite other customers to want to share their posts. You will gain empathy by expanding your reach and exciting your customers.

7. Commiserate with Your Customers

There are specific instances where brands are not always happy and cheerful. One brand that knows that too well is JetBlue, who has a Flight Etiquette series on YouTube. We all know that airports are uncomfortable, inconvenient, and crowded. JetBlue pokes fun at this by creating this series about the worst aspects of flying.

Funny Jet Blue Video Series


Customers will become repeat customers when they have emotional ties to your brand. By delegating time to creating relationships with your customers, you will gain loyal customers, without tooting your own horn. Stay empathetic with your email campaigns and reap long-term benefits.


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