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Timing is Everything: 6 Tips to Drive Conversions

by Cynthia Hamlin

Despite what some email marketing reports say, if you are looking for the ‘best’ time of day or day of the week to send an email marketing campaign to your subscribers, there isn’t one. recently wrote an article that simply states, “The best time to never send email is when someone else told you to.” The bottom line is if you want your subscribers to read your email, write content that is worthy of being opened. We agree with So why are we writing an article about the best time to send email?

Although there is no one period of time during day or day of the week to send email, there is a best time to send email to your subscribers to drive immediate results. Early engagement campaigns provide you with the opportunity to interact with your clients at the very moment they are most interested in your company. Time is everything and there is no better time than that. Email marketing automation allows you to deploy campaigns that convert a prospect into a steadfast customer at the most opportune time.

Here are 6 tips to help drive conversions:

  1. After someone subscribes to your company's communications, set up a welcome message. When you incorporate a compelling incentive and a meaningful thank you, it helps engage the customer. Studies have shown that welcome messages drive the highest engagement rates.
  2. If they take advantage of a compelling offer and purchase an item or maybe even two, trigger an email that asks them about their shopping experience.
  3. Communicate with a customer post-purchase to build upon the relationship and gain "earned media"; this can drive referral revenue and creates upsell opportunities.
  4. Send a string of informational messages and targeted offers to customers who have purchased or registered for an upcoming event; drive attendance while building value and trust with customers.
  5. A week after they signup why not encourage them to connect with you through your social media channels or write a review about a product they purchased; there you can start two way dialogue and deepen your relationship.
  6. Ask your subscribers about their preferences; subscription or preference centers provide the foundation for subscriber personalization and are the best tool to reduce attrition rates and increase subscriber engagement.

Start nurturing a relationship from the moment a prospect is most interested in your company with automated email campaigns. Taking the time to implement early engagement strategies will increase your conversion rates and result in more profitable marketing initiative.

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