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Master Mobile Design in 6 Steps

by Cynthia Hamlin

Recent statistics show that mobile email can no longer be ignored. Google states that 80% of smartphone users can’t even leave home without their phone in hand . What is even more compelling is that while at home 97% use their device. recently compiled a list of fascinating facts that were too good not to share:

  • Mobile email will account for 15% to 65% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type.
  • 45% of holiday season emails are being opened on mobile.
  • 43% of mobile email users check email four or more times per day.

Now is the time to execute an email marketing strategy that has mobile at the forefront.

We have complied six steps to help you succeed:

  1. Optimize your design: A scalable email layout is readable no matter which size environment it is being read in. There is only one HTML version of the email, scalable emails look great on mobile devices. Scalable designs utilize techniques such as:
    • A grid system for alignment and proportion
    • A single column design
    • Larger fonts (at least 12px)
    • Key information and calls-to-action in the upper left of the email
  2. Keep it simple: In order for all of your relevant content to be seen on a mobile device, you have to limit the amount of text and images. Make sure your readers can scroll through the entire message by scrolling no more than twice, or two finger swipes. Remember to keep your preheader to 80 characters or less.
  3. Give them space: If your links are tiny and hard to click with a finger, you’ve lost opportunities to convert your subscribers.
    • Keep links apart from content and consider using buttons instead of hyperlinking text.
    • Use bullet points and headiers to breakup text and to highlight offers.
    • Make call-to-actions large and avoid grouping them in clusters so that they can be spotted and clicked easily.
  4. Say it in 5 words or less: Mobile email clients only show the first 24 to 62 characters of a subject line depending on if it is being viewed in landscape or portrait orientation. Introduce the most exciting elements of your offer in the first few words of your subject line.
  5. Test your email: Your email should be easy to read on any mobile device and should load quickly. If people are left waiting for a long time for your email to load or your email doesn’t render nicely on their device, it is likely that they will delete your message and in time unsubscribe to your mailings.
  6. Stay a step ahead: More and more email clients are supporting media queries, providing an easier way for designers to dynamically optimize their content for different devices. Media queries are an excellent way to deliver different styles to different devices, providing the best experience for each type of user; they expand the role of the media attribute that controls how your styles are applied. Start to focus on developing a library of responsively designed, device-agnostic email templates.

Your subscribers are mobile; if your marketing campaigns are going to be successful your email campaigns are going to have to be mobile too.

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