How to Get Advertisers for Your Email Mailing List

by Andrew Lutts

Once your newsletter has reached a certain volume of subscribers OR your newsletter reaches a certain number of a specific targeted audience, you may want to take advertisers in your email newsletter. This can often offset much of the cost of producing and mailing your newsletters, and it can often be a big money-maker too! In fact, many email newsletters use this business model as their only business model. It can be a lucrative one.

Alternatively, you could advertise or cross-promote in other email newsletters to help build your newsletter(s) that way.

Two Great Resources To Help You Get Advertisers for your Email Mailing List:

Directory of Ezines, Charlie Page
1511 South Texas Ave #326
College Station, TX 77840
Phone: 866-824-8966
Fax: 866-824-8966

This is a resource directory for people looking to advertise in various email newsletters

  • 1000+ email newsletters are listed
  • Lists sorted by size, topic, demographic, etc.
  • Include your full contact information so that potential advertisers can contact you

Add your list to the directory:
or search the directory and find other email newsletters

Listmedia Network Inc.
2040 Nelson Street
Suite 202
Vancouver, BC V6G 1N5

  • Another 1000+ email newsletters listed, with full contact information
  • Add your Email newsletter to the directory
  • Include your full contact information
  • Search other assorted newsletters

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