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How to Get Advertisers for Your Email Mailing List and Monetize Your Email Marketing

by Andrew Lutts

Once your newsletter has reached a certain volume of subscribers OR your newsletter reaches a certain number of a specific targeted audience, you may want to take advertisers in your email newsletter. This can often offset much of the cost of producing and mailing your newsletters, and it can often be a big money-maker too! In fact, many email newsletters use this business model as their only business model. It can be a lucrative one.

Alternatively, you could advertise or cross-promote in other email newsletters to help build your newsletter(s) that way.

Here are some great resources to help you get advertisers for your Email Mailing List:



BuySellAds works with many different companies like Firefox, HGTV, and Roku. Their customers have seen an average of 15x increase in revenue, 38% increase in ad sales, and 45% lift in remnant earnings.



LiveIntent is another newsletter advertising network. They have 2000+ publishers and 290 million unique readers.



Letterwell akes it easy to source various types of newsletters, reaching more targeted and niche audiences. (in transition)




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