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Five Quick AI Tactics You Can Use Today in Your Email Marketing

Save time, move fast, work efficiently

by Alyssa Rice

A lot happened in 2023. But, the most important trend in 2023, especially for email marketers, is the birth, growth, and widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketplace.

Webinars, thought leadership, eBooks, blogs, videos, and presentations are scattered across the Internet about how to use AI to your advantage. But, does AI actually help you do your job? Does it make you stand out from the crowd?

There are some downfalls to using artificial intelligence like privacy, legal, and ethical concerns, but there are some worthwhile tactics to employ to make use of AI.

These five strategies you can use today will help your email marketing stand out in a world of artificial intelligence.

1) Teach AI to Write Like You

One of the biggest problems with AI taking over the marketing sphere is the lack of ingenuity and personality.

It can make your writing sound impersonal and unoriginal.

If you insert a prompt into OpenAI, and someone else somewhere else inserts that exact same prompt, you’re more than likely to get the same output. This removes your personality, intelligence, and more importantly your brand voice from your marketing messaging.

You need to teach your ChatBot to write like you would.

So, how can I teach AI to write like me? Here is how:

  1. Compile 3-5 of your own writing pieces that closely convey your voice and tone
  2. Upload these pieces to your AI Tool
  3. Insert the prompt: “Analyze the writing voice, tone, and structure of the article above”
  4. Repeat for the rest of the articles

The AI tool will take note of certain verbiage used, what type of tone the pieces convey, and the structure of the article, whether that be the repeated use of bulleted lists or how many sentences are typically in a paragraph.

2) Generate New Alternative Email Subject Lines to Choose From

Coming up with new subject lines has proven to be a pain point for many, especially if you’re sending personalized emails multiple times a week.

It’s difficult to constantly try to “reinvent the wheel.”

Enter your keywords, your topic, or your industry, in order to get subject lines that make sense. Or, insert an example subject line and ask AI to write a similar subject line.

I asked AI, “Give me email subject line ideas about the launch of a new Candy Cane flavored lip balm.” It gave me:

  1. "Sweeten Your Smile: Introducing Our Delectable Candy Cane Lip Balm!"
  2. "Minty Magic: Unveiling Our Newest Candy Cane Lip Balm Flavor"
  3. "Treat Your Lips to a Festive Delight with Our Candy Cane Lip Balm Launch!"
  4. "Savor the Season: Meet Our Limited Edition Candy Cane Lip Balm"
  5. "Lip-Smacking Goodness: Introducing Candy Cane Bliss in Every Glide!"
  6. "Peppermint Perfection: Discover the Joy of Our New Candy Cane Lip Balm"
  7. "Festive Flavor Alert: Dive into Winter with Our Candy Cane Lip Balm!"
  8. "Kissed by Candy Canes: Your New Favorite Lip Balm Has Arrived!"
  9. "Spread Holiday Cheer with Our Irresistible Candy Cane Lip Balm"
  10. "Merry & Minty: Introducing Our Limited Edition Candy Cane Lip Balm!"

There you go. Easy peazy. 10 subject lines to pick from for your product launch. This same process can be done with preheaders. Just ask AI to write a preheader for your chosen subject line.

Note: our favorite free tool for AI generated email subject lines is Inspired Marketer

3) Create A Re-Engagement Compaign

A re-engagement campaign is a sequence of emails sent to inactive subscribers, with the goal of interaction.

Benefits of a re-engagement campaign include increased engagement rates, improved deliverability, and increased revenue and/or customer base size.

Below are a few prompts that could be used with your AI tool:

  1. “Write a 3-touch re-engagement campaign for unengaged subscribers who are executives in the automotive industry”
  2. “Craft a re-engagement campaign for users that have put an item in their shopping cart but haven’t purchased the item”
  3. “Create a 2-touch re-engagement for past customers who haven’t purchased recently”

Of course, these will need to be edited based on your company and industry specifics, but AI can provide a solid base for a successful re-engagement campaign.

4) Employ Personalization

Creating compelling and relevant email marketing that resonates with your audience is one of the most challenging parts of email marketing. Thankfully, AI can help with the workload.

According to Adobe, personalized emails have been shown to produce a 139% increase in click rates compared to single sends.

If you’re in an industry where geographic personalities matter, you can create different marketing messaging per region.

I asked AI, “Create emails based on US geographical regions for an event rental company.”

It generated four multi-paragraph emails with subject lines and preheaders for the northeast, southern, midwest, and western regions.

The subject lines included:

  1. Southern Charm Meets Elegance – Your Go-To Event Rentals!
  2. Elevate Your Western Events with [Your Company Name] – Exclusive Offer!
  3. Unleash the Midwest's Event Magic with [Your Company Name]
  4. Elevate Your Events with Premier Rentals – Exclusive Offer Inside!

Without AI, creating four emails can take hours. But now, within seconds, you have targeted content ready to go. Based on what data you gather from your audience, you can use AI to create messages that resonate.

5) Proofread Your Copy

Human error is a real thing. Do you ever need a second set of eyes on promotional copy but do not want to bother your coworker?

AI checks your grammar, gives prompts for simplifying sentences or phrases, and helps adjust your tone to align with your brand voice.

Just ask AI, “Proofread this for grammatical and style errors,” or “Rewrite this.”

Use tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and Wordtune to proofread your copy.


Using AI in email marketing is exciting and full of potential. But, it needs to be done correctly. If AI is used in the instances above with your brand’s personality integrated, you will provide a more personalized and relevant experience to your audience.
If you haven't already begun to embrace AI in your email marketing, now is the time. AI is not the future, it is right now.


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