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Where to Find the Best Content for Your Email Newsletter

by Alyssa Rice

Do you use curated content for some or all of your newsletter? As we live in the information age, finding content is an easy task, but finding valuable content can be tricky.

In this day and age, companies are sourcing and sharing content that can be found on the Internet. Curated content has become a popular route with writing newsletters. Curated content is finding already existing content on the Internet that is relevant to your industry. The benefits of this practice are far and wide. It is simple, saves time, increases your visibility, builds relationships between other entities, creates knowledge, and increases credibility.

There are multiple locations and avenues to retrieve your content that is ideal for your company’s newsletter.

  • Trending Topics. You can look on social media at trending topics. Twitter Trending and Facebook Trending have news sections that discuss the top 10 topics that users are speaking about. LinkedIn is a great source to find articles. Since it is a professional networking site, there are many articles and current events being discussed. You can even look at more professional sites related to your industry, like Gartner’s Trending Topics for the marketing industry.
  • Newsletters. Subscribe to other companies’ newsletters from your industry. You can see what they’re writing about and use similar topics for your company. Use this to find your industry.
  • Industry topics. Discuss a topic that is related to your industry.
  • Internet search. If you ever come upon an interesting article that is perfect for your industry, bookmark it and include it in your next newsletter. Feedly and Flipboard are useful tools that allows you to bring a lot of content together in one place. They bring together magazines, hashtags, and more so you can drown out the noise.

Once you have found the content, it is important to make it valuable and personal. Ask yourself, is this content valuable to the reader? Your reader will want to take away knowledge from it, and if they don't they will unsubscribe or purposefully ignore the rest of your newsletters. You also have to make it personal. A personalized touch may create a bond between your company and your reader. It becomes more humanized, so readers are more likely to stay around. You can do this by promoting yourself and tying your content back to the company.

Curated content will greatly benefit your company in the long-run and will provide incredible value for your newsletter.

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