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At Net Atlantic, we work with clients to combine their marketing expertise with our email expertise to create a well-oiled machine.

Download our case studies and see how some of our clients used our email marketing solutions and services to build and maintain strong relationships with their affiliates, keep more of the revenue it earned from its campaigns, and enhance its brand to more fully engage with its subscribers.

The Elijah List - Email Marketing Case Study

The Elijah List has been connecting Christian readers for two decades. Its readership base is dedicated and as opted-in as subscribers can be. When Michael Wilhelm started to see his email delivery statistics begin to decline for his hundreds of thousands of subscribers, one question needed answering: Was this temporary or a long-term trend?

American Lung Association Email Marketing Case Study

The American Lung Association (ALA) - Email Marketing Case Study

The American Lung Association (ALA) is a national, non-profit, voluntary health organization dedicated to working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy and research. Learn how just a 10% improvement in email inboxing results in a much stronger return on investment (ROI).

Radio Forecast Network - Email Marketing Case Study

Radio Forecast Network (RFN) established a successful business by offering affiliate radio stations their unique weather services. But their in-house marketing software just couldn't keep up with the increased email message sending requirements. RFN chose Net Atlantic based on the helpfulness of the pre-sales engineering team, the capabilities of the software, and their consulting services offering. The change has paid off handsomely, and has generated a ten-fold increase in sales for the Radio Forecast Network.

New England B2B Online Publisher Case Study

B2B Publisher and Lead Generation - Email Marketing Case Study

This New England-based publisher of Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT) online journals was experiencing multiple problems with their email marketing. A mixture of home-grown software, poor oversight, and declining results posed a serious challenge. See how a solution-based focus got things turned around for this B2B publisher, and generated a new level of inbound leads.

Victorian Trading Company - Email Marketing Case Study

Victorian Trading Company (VTC) has been using email to connect with customers for years, but the company knew it wasn’t maximizing revenue because the cost of the system was so high. VTC often had to choose whether to email to its wholesale or retail customers, since it regularly incurred “overage” charges when it mailed to too many people. “We were having a lot of limitations with emails,” said Sam Hettinger, Systems Administrator at Victorian Trading Company.

Jeff Blackman - Email Marketing Case Study

Business Growth Specialist Jeff Blackman has been using text based emails to communicate with clients and customers for years. But, times were changing and he needed to change with them. After hearing from several subscribers that his email content was top-of-the-line, but the emails themselves were boring to look at it, he decided he needed to make a change.

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Since 1995, Net Atlantic, Inc. has been assisting organizations of all sizes communicate effectively online. We offer ListManager and Selligent StrongView email platforms which provide our clients with enterprise class feature-rich email marketing solutions at a cost-effective price.

With unparalleled email marketing capabilities, expert deliverability management and responsive technical support, Net Atlantic’s solutions provide you the ability to create, send, track and manage your email marketing campaigns successfully.