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Entertainment & Events

We offer two versatile email marketing solutions to help you easily create effective, personalized, and highly-targeted email campaigns.

Whether you're a club owner promoting your new nightclub, a band promoting new music releases, CDs, DVDS, merchandise and upcoming gigs, or an event planner marketing your next conference or tradeshow, email has become the best way to reach the right people with your offer at the right time.

Cultivating sustainable long term relationships and acquiring loyal high value customer is a growing challenge, especially in this economic climate. Email marketing enables you to cost-effectively communicate with a distinct audience in a way that’s immediate and relevant. More importantly, the viral aspect of email alone will help you boost attendance by creating a buzz for your event, promotion or conference.

Capture data and permission from your customers and prospects, find out what interests them, then tailor direct-response emails and marketing based on their interests.

Email Marketing for Entertainment & Events:

  • Announce advance tickets sales and special offers
  • Increase event participation with targeted communications
  • Nurture relationships with automated campaigns
  • Inform customers and prospects of upcoming events
  • Schedule event reminders and follow up surveys
  • Manage and organize your customer database
  • Grow your email list and increase attendance


  • Less costly compared to traditional advertising media
  • Increased exposure, no geographic boundary
  • More personalized and relevant content; more targeted audience
  • More accurate as it can be updated timely with minimal effort and cost
  • Easier to collect data and track customer information

A Typical Entertainment Application

Target Your Audience:

  • Identify target audiences and build dynamic triggered segments and content blocks. You also plan for sequential mailings, auto-response mailings, and scheduled mailings reminding audience members about your events.
  • Segment your audience by life stage; region; favorite shows, music, bands, festivals; hobbies, and other attributes.

Build Your List:

  • Create automatic list subscription forms for your websites, affiliate sites, landing pages, social media, point of sale promotions, advertisements, contests, and events. Ask for the level of detail you need, and let the audience members self-segment.
  • Load your email list names, custom demographic data, email templates, videos and images. You may also load conditional text blocks using up to 255 characters.

Create Your Content:

  • Create templates for consistent branding and time savings when creating new campaigns. Lock the header and footer, branded text, logos, and vivid graphical images with our simple HTML editor.
  • Build a library of images and videos, including photos, graphics, recorded events, shapes, colors, fonts, use of transparency and shadows. Build this design into your email templates and other digital assets.
  • Create compelling offers and calls to action, such as contests, guest passes, previews, insider newsletters, and other special offers.
  • Personalize your entertainment, conference or event message based on customer data and interests.

Automate Your Emails:

  • Once subscribers join the list through various forms and actions, the triggered segments send them your templates with conditional content, depending on the subscribers’ field entries.
  • Dynamic segments and conditional content can be altered at any time to reflect changes in the brand and message strategy.
  • Build behavioral profiles of your prospects and customer (such as prior behavior, expressed preferences, demographics, transactional data, or other criteria) and integrate data into one comprehensive database.
  • Plan a master schedule of frequency (a single action, a regular newsletter, or a multi-stage campaign) – through testing and a continual feedback loop you will learn the optimal contact strategy for each segment of your database.

Deploy Your Campaigns:

  • Email Advisor shows you how your email campaigns are likely to perform and tells you how your emails will score for various filters.
  • Build a campaign that has multiple components, use an open trigger to schedule the next email in the sequence to go out automatically at a pre-scheduled time; or use a click-open to automatically have a follow-up sent to someone who clicked on a particular link in your email.
  • Send personalized auto-reply emails that function as follow-up "Welcome" and "Thank You" emails emphasizing benefits, which is a second opportunity to build a profile on customer preferences.
  • Get detailed support at any time from Net Atlantic’s support service staff. They can call upon additional services such as template design and list setup.

Track Your Results:

  • Custom reports allow you to view real-time data at a glance.
  • The clickstreaming tool follows subscribers to your website and helps you track behavior with per-subscriber detail.
  • Review your metrics after each campaign is sent out to better understand your customers' interests. Determine what changes, if any, need to be made for next iteration or adjust programs mid-stream to maximize end results.

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