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Financial Services

Cultivating sustainable long term relationships and acquiring new personal, small business and commercial customers is a growing challenge, especially in this economic climate. Net Atlantic offers two scalable email marketing solutions that enable financial institutions to take advantage of the economics of email, while building relationships, loyalty, and trust.

Email marketing enables you to cost-effectively communicate with a distinct audience in a way that’s immediate and relevant, by providing them with an option to receive email alerts expressly tailored to their interests. It's a great way to facilitate cross-selling opportunities, tell them about new product and service offerings, and drive customer retention initiatives that create additional business as well as lead to referrals through social networking.

Email Marketing for Financial Services:

  • Engage prospects with targeted offers
  • Automate statement and loan payment reminders
  • Interact with customers by sending post surveys
  • Drive customer retention initiatives
  • Inform your audience about industry updates and news
  • Assign multiple administration levels

Features for Financial Institutions:

  • Regular bank-wide news & updates
  • Communication with branches and regional management
  • Transactional emails to customers
  • Region and branch news & updates
  • Bank HQ locks header and footer, branded text, logos as well as images used in templates.
  • Regional and branch admins can change some text for local flavoring.
  • List is managed by HQ, but regional and branch admins can add members.
  • The regional and branch admin can send correspondence email campaigns only to customers in their segment.
  • Segments are controlled by HQ and are automated according to stored data.
  • Bank HQ manages all transactional email protocol, which are primarily automated.
  • Bank gains real-time insights to boost communications performance and optimize results.


  • Facilitate internal marketing compliance processes. Assign compliance approval requirements to emails before they are distributed to the entire mailing list (administrator level).
  • Ensure delivery of time-sensitive emails to your opt-in customers. Whether you need to process hundreds of transactions an hour or millions per day, our application is designed to scale as your demand dictates.
  • Drive customer engagement and response. Use segmentation and personalization tools to create highly-relevant email marketing messages that speak to customer and prospect interests or circumstances.
  • Uncover critical data and easily leverage it to create effective online marketing campaigns. Pull data that provides a deeper level of understanding about customer needs and expectations and supports smart, strategic choices and decisions.
  • Manage cross-channel campaigns more effectively. Draw together campaign management and reporting to better understand the impact of online and email marketing strategies and how they interconnect.

Email marketing helps you raise customer engagement, which means better clickthrough rates, improved loyalty, and increased revenue. Our email marketing solution offers the security, performance, and reliability that meet the requirements of the financial services industry.

Security and Deliverability Options:

  • DKIM is available to help ensure delivery and security.
  • The system can talk to the Bank's master customer database using the API.
  • Bank HQ can use an onsite dedicated server with VPN access to raise security, speed and deliverability.

A Typical Financial Services Application

Target Your Audience:

  • Identify your target audience and build dynamic triggered segments and content blocks. You also plan for sequential mailings, auto-response mailings, and scheduled mailings.
  • Segment your audience by life stage; personal lines; commercial lines; and other attributes.

Build Your List:

  • Create an email list and develop multiple segments according to how you want to reach your target audience. You may create one list or multiple lists for each branch, depending on their needs.
  • Load your email list names, custom demographic data, email templates, videos and images. You may also load conditional text blocks using up to 255 characters.
  • Create automatic list subscription forms and launch them on your web properties (websites, landing pages, dynamic content, etc.).

Create Your Content:

  • Design a campaign using your brand story. This is reflected in the messaging and design of all materials, including video, dynamic content, static graphics, photography, shapes, colors, fonts, use of transparency and shadowing. You can build this design into your email templates and other digital assets.
  • Create campaigns and present them for discussion and approval using ListManager’s campaign testing capabilities.

Automate Your Emails:

  • Once subscribers join the list through various forms and actions, create dynamic conditional content for certain segments of your list (e.g., based on zip codes, income, gender, purchase behavior, etc.).
  • Dynamic segments and conditional content can be altered at any time to reflect changes in the brand and message strategy.

Deploy Your Campaigns:

  • Email Advisor shows you how your email campaigns are likely to perform and tells you how your emails will score for various filters.
  • Get detailed support at any time from Net Atlantic’s support service staff. They can call upon additional services such as template design and list setup.

Track Your Results:

  • Custom reports allow you to report to the client with real-time data.
  • The clickstreaming tool follows subscribers to the client’s website and helps you track behavior with per-subscriber detail.
  • The purchase tracking tool follows subscribers to the client’s shopping cart and applies exact sale amounts to email campaigns.

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