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Engage Customers and Increase Revenue

Net Atlantic offers two scalable email marketing solutions that enable retailers to cost-effectively communicate with a distinct audience in a way that’s immediate and relevant, by providing them with an option to receive email alerts expressly tailored to their interests. Successful campaigns combine compelling calls-to-action, rich, eye-catching graphics and are appropriately timed to reach consumers when they are most ready to buy.

Promote catalogue and seasonal items. Announce new products. Advertise sales, discounts and special offers. Drive customer retention initiatives that create additional business as well as lead to referrals through social networking. Convert your abandoned shopping carts into profit and keep your best customers returning.

Email Marketing Solutions for Retailers:

  • Drive customer loyalty and sales. Use segmentation and personalization tools to create highly-relevant email marketing messages that speak to customers' interests or circumstances.
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Turn simple order confirmations into automatic up-sell or cross-sell opportunities by automatically promoting related items that were abandoned during the purchase process.
  • Improve customer tracking and targeting. Manage customer data better to benefit from actionable insights into campaign effectiveness and the ability to drive purchases in your online store.
  • Manage campaigns more effectively. Draw together campaign management and reporting to better understand the impact of online and email marketing strategies and how they interconnect.
  • Integrate and monitor social media. Utilize social sharing features to integrate social networking strategies and monitor results by tracking traffic back to your website.


  • Enables faster, better communication
  • Helps drive web traffic to your website
  • Less costly compared to traditional advertising media
  • Easier to collect data and track consumer information
  • Increased exposure, no geographic boundary
  • More personalized and relevant content through segmentation
  • Cuts transaction cost and improves efficiency

Email marketing helps you raise customer engagement, which means better clickthrough rates, improved loyalty, and increased revenue. Our email marketing solution offers the security, performance, and reliability that meet the requirements of the retail industry.

A Typical Retail & E-Commerce Application

Target Your Audience:

  • Identify your target audience and build dynamic triggered segments and content blocks. You also plan for sequential mailings, auto-response mailings, and scheduled mailings.
  • Assign multiple administrators with different levels of account control between headquarters and regional and store managers.

Build Your List:

  • Create an email list and develop multiple segments according to how you want to reach your target audience. You may create one list or multiple list depending on your needs.
  • Load your email list names, custom demographic data, email templates, videos and images. You may also load conditional text blocks using up to 255 characters.
  • Create automatic list subscription forms and launch them on your various web properties (e-commerce sites, websites, landing pages, dynamic content, etc.).

Create Your Content:

  • Design a campaign using your brand story. This is reflected in the messaging and design of all materials, including video, dynamic content, static graphics, photography, shapes, colors, fonts, use of transparency and shadowing. You can build this design into your email templates and other digital assets.
  • Create campaigns and present them to management for discussion and approval using ListManager’s campaign testing capabilities.

Automate Your Emails:

  • Once subscribers join the list through various forms and actions, the triggered segments send them branded email with conditional content, depending on the customers’ field entries.
  • Dynamic segments and conditional content can be altered at any time to reflect changes in the brand and message strategy.

Deploy Your Campaigns:

  • Email Advisor shows you how your email campaigns are likely to perform and tells you how your emails will score for various filters.
  • Get detailed support at any time from Net Atlantic’s support service staff. They can call upon additional services such as template design and list setup.

Track Your Results:

  • Custom reports allow you to see real-time data at a glance.
  • The clickstreaming tool follows customers to your website and helps you track behavior with per-customer detail.
  • The purchase tracking tool follows customers to your shopping cart and applies exact sale amounts to email campaigns.

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