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Professional Email Marketing

Professional Services Overview

At Net Atlantic, our goal is for your business to achieve maximum results using our email marketing solutions. Expert services offered by our Support, IT, Development and Marketing Teams can serve as an extension of your organization; saving you time and resources. Whether you need assistance with strategy, migration, implementation, training or deliverability, Net Atlantic's experienced staff will develop a service package that is tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Email Deliverability Monitoring & Resolution

Maximize delivery effectiveness and ROI. If only a small percentage of your opt-in messages go missing and you don't know about it, you are leaving valuable dollars on the table. Those are subscribers who have requested your information but are unable to receive it and unaware that your message is being blocked. Save thousands of dollars annually by using Net Atlantic's Email Deliverability Monitoring & Resolution service. If we discover only one deliverability issue with your mailing how much revenue would you lose had the issue gone unnoticed? We resolve any potential problems before they have a chance to affect your campaigns. The new service includes, among other things, ISP remediation and relationship management; blacklist monitoring including real-time alerts. Learn More »

Campaign Deployments

Free up internal resources to focus on critical business issues. With Net Atlantic's Email Campaign Deployment Services, you can outsource your campaigns to us and free up resources. Clients tell us they like our service because we work as hard as they do. We make getting your message out simple and convenient. We become a transparent part of your team and care about ensuring your success. Net Atlantic is a company with a strong track record and many satisfied customers. We encourage you to talk to some our clients and let them tell you about how we help them succeed. Learn More »

Email Campaign Intelligence & Data Services

Get timely market intelligence delivered to your inbox. Net Atlantic's™ Data On-Demand automates the delivery of timely business intelligence. You'll gain a deeper understanding of what's happening with your campaigns in real-time. With actionable data analytics delivered to your inbox, you can make changes on the fly to improve each email campaign's performance. Reports can be accumulated from (multiple sending servers) and pushed to you via email, flat files via secure file transfer (SFTP/SCP) or directly to an external database depending on your business and operational requirements. This solution delivers timely intelligence when, where and how you need it. Learn More »

Integration & Technical Services

Make your transition to Net Atlantic quick and painless. Net Atlantic's experts deliver a range of services from basic consultation to migration, integration and ongoing support. We provide complete support throughout the development and deployment processes, and integrate as a seamless element of your technology team.

  • Technical Support.
    Get the maximum value from your investment. A strong relationship is the foundation of any partnership, and our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that you are getting the maximum value from our platforms. Our Help Desk Institute (HDI) certified support team can assist you with your needs and help you resolve issues quickly. You are free to ask for the same support representative and their telephone extension when you call, email or chat. Our 100% U.S. staffed support techs are the best in the business, and we’re happy to take your telephone calls and support requests.
  • Migration Services.
    Extract your valuable data from other systems. During your on-boarding phase Net Atlantic's support and IT departments can work with you to seamlessly and efficiently transition your existing email marketing programs and database to our platform. Our migration process is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, while monitoring the health and reputation of your list.
  • Integration Partners.
    Benefit from market-leading alliances. Our Integration Partners help us deliver a more robust and versatile email marketing solution. These market-leading partners provide consulting and technology to enable you to gather real-time insights into customer behaviors and preferences; reduce shopping cart abandonment rates; and optimize email delivery. These technology partners help you get the most value out of your investment.
  • Custom Integration.
    Seamlessly integrate your existing applications for marketing efficiency. Improve the success of your email program by leveraging the data in your disparate systems and automating manual processes. Our experienced team of developers can architect and build a solution for you to integrate our platforms with your CRM, CMS, or e-commerce solution. Seamless integration between our platform and your internal databases eliminates the need to manually upload CRM data and email tracking data and allows you to retrieve email marketing activity information quickly; send automated messages in real-time; target campaigns through greater segmentation; and gain an understanding of the effectiveness of your campaigns. Learn More »

Quick Start Training Programs

Get up and running quickly with cost-effective virtual training. Our hands-on training services are aimed at accelerating your utilization of our email marketing platforms. Our training is conducted virtually, saving you time and money. Our Quick Start Training Programs can be delivered immediately after implementation, as new personnel join your team, or as a refresher between learning initiatives. Our tiered training option provides the opportunity to continually advance your knowledge of our solutions and industry best practices as you become more comfortable with our solutions. Learn More »

Custom Email Template Design

Send emails that reflect professionalism and a sense of style. Let our design experts create a custom email template for you. Our designers have rock solid knowledge of HTML and know the Do's and Don'ts of email design. They'll build you a custom HTML email template that reflects the look and feel of your brand, renders correctly and consistently, and provokes action from your recipients. They'll work closely with you to understand your business goals, offer tips on email marketing best practices, and craft a template that suits your brand identity, style and target audience. Learn More »

Email Deliverability Partner Tools

Get added value through our deliverability partners. One of our core values as a company is to ensure that new Internet technologies, strategies, and methods are offered to help you increase revenue and grow your business, and that includes working with industry-leading technology companies to help you get the maximum results from your email marketing campaigns. It's more important than ever to focus on factors that affect your email deliverability. These strategic partnerships give you direct access to knowledgeable delivery experts who understand what it takes to get to your recipient's inbox. Learn More »

Block Time

Block time is a pre-paid lump sum that you can apply towards any of our Professional Services. Unlike full-price, a-la-carte purchases of individual services — which is ideal for singular tasks or initiatives — Block Time's discounted rates can be applied against a wide variety of services over an unspecified period of time (a statement indicating usage for the previous month will be sent out on a monthly basis). With multiple plan options there is great fit for any budget and project. Call 978-219-1910 or email one of our Account Executives to learn more.

Increase your email program's performance with Net Atlantic's professional services today. For additional information please contact an Account Executive by calling (877) 263-8285.