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Net Atlantic Launches Inbox Preview and Delivery Monitor Tool

November 10, 2009 - Email Advisor helps marketers increase the deliverability of their email marketing campaigns.

SALEM, MA. – Email service provider Net Atlantic announces Email Advisor, a new product for advanced marketing users. Email Advisor is an inbox snapshot and delivery monitor tool that allows senders to see how their email marketing messages will be handled by various ISPs, and how they will appear in every email client. Email Advisor allows marketers to quickly improve the deliverability of their email marketing.

With over 40 major ISPs, webmail providers, and email clients in use today, it can be difficult if not impossible to make sure email messages look their best in each one. With Email Advisor, email marketers are able to preview email content in all of the popular email clients, to highlight and troubleshoot potential problems with spelling, images, hyperlinks, formatting, and overused language.

Email Advisor's Delivery Monitor feature shows marketers whether their email messages will be filtered to the junk folder in real-time, so they can take corrective action to ensure higher inbox delivery. Email Advisor also checks messages against 30 common unsolicited commercial email (“SPAM”) filtering programs and highlights triggers that are likely to block email.

The Blacklist Monitor feature shows marketers whether any of the major blacklist organizations have targeted the domains referenced in email messages, while the ISP Monitor spots delays with all of the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

“Email Advisor is really about maximizing email campaign response,” said William J. Reich, Net Atlantic's President. “This is one of the most powerful campaign preview and delivery tools available, and it allows Marketing Directors to send email messages with confidence.”


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