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Net Atlantic Announces Ownership Expansion

Salem, Massachusetts, January 20th, 2022 – Net Atlantic Inc., a pioneer in the field of email marketing, announced today that R. J. Phipps, Vice President of Customer Success & Operations, became a partner and co-owner of the firm.

"This is an important first phase in our company's long-term growth and eventual succession plan," stated Andrew Lutts, Founder and CEO. "R.J. has been an invaluable technology leader and key contributor to the company and our long-term corporate strategy. I am thrilled to welcome him as a partner of the firm, as we work together to drive the company into its next major phase of business."

Mr. Phipps joined the company in 2007, and quickly established himself as a technology expert. His first major role was as Technical Support Manager, where he managed a technical support team and new customer onboarding team. He was then promoted to Vice President of Customer Success, where he additionally managed the software development team, IT team, pre-sales engineering efforts, and Abuse Compliance and Delivery (ACD) personnel. In speaking about his new role, Phipps stated, "I'm honored to be part of the next generation of leaders here at Net Atlantic, where it is our mission to make and keep our clients successful."

"The first phase of this ten-year success plan is designed to allow the company to thrive, evolve and grow as a technology services provider," Lutts continued. "We look forward to the future for our clients, employees, partners, and vendors as new and emerging internet technologies offer endless opportunities to agile companies willing to explore those areas."

About Net Atlantic

Net Atlantic is an industry leader in email marketing. Since 1995, Net Atlantic, Inc. has been assisting organizations of all sizes communicate effectively online. As an Email Service Provider (ESP) Net Atlantic offers clients professional feature-rich email marketing and communications solutions at a cost-effective price. With unparalleled email marketing capabilities, expert deliverability management and responsive technical support, Net Atlantic's solutions provides clients with the ability to create, send, track and manage email marketing campaigns successfully. To learn more about Net Atlantic's email marketing solutions, please visit


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