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Email Marketing Campaign Deployments

Our team can serve as an extension of your marketing department; saving you time and resources. You know marketing, and we specialize in email.

See our special web site dedicated to full-service email campaign sending at:

Net Atlantic handles the necessary steps to get your email marketing campaigns delivered to your intended recipients. You collect your subscriber's email addresses and design your campaign's creative then send both to our Email Campaign Specialists and you are done. Our experienced team will:

  • Upload subscriber data
  • Import your creative content
  • Personalize the from address and subject line
  • Test the email campaign
  • Deploy the approved mailing
  • Track performance and report results

Before your mailing is deployed we will send you a test mailing to review. After you have approved the mailing our Email Campaign Specialists will schedule it to send at your specified time. Once the mailing has sent, and tracking statistics have been collected, we will send you a summary report so you can analyze your results.

Don't have the time or resources to design your own compelling campaign or have questions about achieving the best results? Our Creative and Consulting Teams can handle that for you as well. Ask your Account Executive for more information on custom email templates and consulting services.

Throughout your email campaign deployment, our expert team will work with you to meet any special requirements and tailor our services to your needs.

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