Email Campaign Intelligence & Data Services

On-demand data analytics and reporting to help understand and improve your campaign's performance.

Net Atlantic provides extensive email delivery monitoring and specialized reporting capabilities, which help ensure that the email delivery infrastructure is performing optimally. With so many factors affecting delivery rates, Net Atlantic's™ Data On-Demand service delivers insightful data analysis and reporting to help you improve each email campaign's performance.

Reports can be accumulated from (multiple sending servers) and pushed to you via email, flat files via secure file transfer (SFTP/SCP) or directly to an external database depending on your business and operational requirements.

You may request reporting on an ad-hoc basis or schedule on-going reporting (i.e., hourly, daily, monthly, and so forth).

In addition, you may request a particular time on a particular day of the month, for example, the second Monday of every month at 10:30am. In addition, a very flexible set of built in functions allow automatic parameter setting such as first day of last month and last day of last month so each time the report runs it is filtered to get the correct data automatically. Once reports have been modified or created on an ad hoc basis, they can be saved, shared with others, and scheduled to re-run at any interval in order to refresh the data. Scheduled reports can be delivered in any output format (HTML, PDF, Excel, TXT or CSV).

As well as data dumps (straight dump from log files), we can manipulate the data and Pivoted Reports (allowing users to filter and group data into rows and columns and to apply ad hoc aggregation logic), standard aggregation, customer-specific reporting and charting.

Additional Email Campaign Intelligence & Data Services can include:

  • Reporting for Agencies and Resellers
  • Multi-site Reporting
  • Server Reporting
  • Multi-system and Reporting on numerous environments

Completely Customized Data On-Demand can be extracted from:

  • Mailing data (Aggregate and Details)
  • Detailed Engagement (Click, Opens, Forwards, URLs)
  • Aggregate Engagement data
  • Detailed Complaint data on a per user and mailing basis
  • Detailed and summary unsubscribe and failure data

For more information about our Email Campaign Intelligence & Data Services, contact a Net Atlantic Account Executive at 978-219-1910.

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