Quick Start Training Program

Achieve success through knowledge

Net Atlantic's Training Services assist our customers with becoming highly effective email marketers. We offer a variety of hands-on training services aimed at accelerating your utilization of our email marketing platforms. Our tiered training option provides the opportunity to continually advance your knowledge of our solutions and industry best practices.

Our basic training serves as an introduction to using Net Atlantic’s email marketing and list management service. Our intermediate training serves as a bridge to using the higher level features of our solution. For those who are more seasoned, we offer an advanced training session that covers the most advanced aspects of our solution.

For new customers who want to learn how to create, send, track and manage their email campaigns effectively. Full Syllabus: Basic »

For experienced email marketers with the need to target subscribers, split test content and analyze in-depth reporting. Full Syllabus: Intermediate »

For marketers who want the ability to automate the delivery of highly targeted and personalized messages. Full Syllabus: Advanced »

Our Technical Support team will guide you through training tailored to meet your organization’s educational needs.

We’re committed to helping you attain better results, increase efficiency, boost your metrics and achieve long-term success.

For more information about our Quick Start Training Programs, contact a Net Atlantic Account Executive at 978-219-1910.

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