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Professional Email Marketing

Platinum Edition (powered by StrongView)

Automate and optimize cross-channel campaigns.

Platinum Edition is an enterprise-grade, cross-channel campaign management platform that puts unprecedented power into the hands of marketers to automate and optimize successful cross-channel campaigns, driven off of real-time data. Key benefits include:

  • True Contextual Marketing. Nurture more profitable customer relationships with messaging relevant for each individual's current context.
  • Drag-and-Drop Marketing Automation. Easily design, proof, automate and continuously test and optimize multi-stage, cross-channel lifecycle marketing programs.
  • Scale and Reliability. Deliver millions of personalized emails in minutes to ensure that offers arrive when they are most relevant.

Campaign Management (powered by StrongView)

Easily Manage Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns from One Centralized System

Create, personalize, test, launch and optimize highly relevant, cross-channel campaigns with an intuitive interface that blends ease-of-use with advanced functionality. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to design and launch campaigns using dynamic content and streamlined workflows, enabling you to spend more time on strategy and other activities that move the needle. Plus, organizational and role-based permissions allow you to centralize all triggered, lifecycle and batch campaigns on one system--providing you with a global view into the impact of every message sent to your customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Effortless content authoring
  • One-time, recurring and lifecycle campaigns
  • A/B split and multivariate testing with real-time optimization
  • Rules-based dynamic content, social- sharing and mobile device viewing

Lifecycle Marketing (powered by StrongView)

Design, Automate, Test and Optimize Powerful Multi-Step Programs with Drag-and-Drop Ease

Design powerful multi-step communication flows using an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface, enabling you to easily automate sophisticated cross-channel marketing programs boosting customer engagement and conversions. Drive more value from your programs with real-time path optimization capabilities, increasing customer lifetime value by delivering the most relevant communications that are highly anticipated and engaging. Plus, because everything can be fully automated, you can finally spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on value-added activities.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Automated testing with real-time optimization
  • Real-time monitoring and performance reporting
  • Easy integration with multiple and diverse customer data sources
  • Validation and proofing tools to ensure flawless programs

Transactional Email (powered by StrongView)

Leverage the Marketing and Branding Potential of Transactional and Triggered Messages

Transform your generic, plain-text transactional and triggered emails into highly branded and personalized messages that boost your bottom-line. Add targeted content or relevant cross and up-sell offers to transform your transactional messages into an important part of your email revenue stream. Extremely reliable and flexible, our Transactional Email solution works seamlessly with your existing e-commerce system to dynamically create customized messages that reflect your company’s identity and relationship with the customer. Real-time reporting and tracking gives you greater visibility into performance and delivery metrics of your transactional email alongside your traditional email marketing programs, allowing you to better understand the key drivers across your email marketing touchpoints.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy integration with e-commerce, customer service and CRM systems
  • Visibility into response data, including opens, clicks and conversions
  • Real-time delivery, reporting and bounce management
  • Differentiated sending by IP address

Reporting & Insights (powered by StrongView)

Gain Insights Into Key Performance Metrics

Gain actionable insights into how your cross-channel marketing programs are performing with powerful, user-friendly data visualizations and interactive reporting. In addition to in-depth engagement and deliverability reports, we make it easy to slice and dice the data to get to the metrics that matter for your business. Access dozens of standard reports or easily create custom reports for your business based on criteria of your choosing, to fully understand the performance of your campaigns and identify key drivers of success.

Features & Benefits

  • Rich interactive reporting and data visualizations
  • Drill down on summary metrics
  • Organizational rollup reports to quickly view performance across departments
  • Export to Excel for offline analysis

Data Integration (powered by StrongView)

Real-Time Connectivity to All of Your Data

Leverage all of the customer data you collect across channels to better understand your consumers and create true, one-to-one targeted messages. Our unique technology platform makes it easy to integrate directly with your existing data assets for real-time targeting and personalization. Finally put all your data to work, knowing that advanced de-duplication, data hygiene and security capabilities keep your information current, accurate and safe.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct database integrations eliminate duplication and synchronization issues
  • Easy re-integration of email data into a system of record or data warehouse

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