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The Top Three Tools Built into the Inspired Marketer Free AI Toolset - and How to Use Them

by Andrew Lutts

AI tools are all the rage.

And now there’s a new one developed especially for email marketing.

It’s called Inspired Marketer, and it was developed by email marketing pioneer and product wizard RJ Phipps.

You can get full and complete free access to the tool here:

In a nutshell, Inspired Marketer is an innovative AI-powered solution designed to revolutionize email marketing.

It features a prompt-based Email Generator, an Idea Workshop for content brainstorming, customization options with various email tones, and the capability to enhance content creatively to liven-up writing that needs improvement. The tool also includes a handy, time-saving integrated pre-header generator.

Here’s our own favorite Top Three Tools Built In to the AI Tool, and how to use them:

Tool 1 - Idea Workshop

Need new ideas? Nothing new to say in your client emails this month?
Try the idea workshop for tons of new AI generated fresh ideas:

See the kinds of things you can “workshop” below:

The full menu is below:

You can also set your creativity level, to go from mild to wild!

Choose from four kinds of results:

1) Brainstorm content ideas
2) Create an article outline
3) Create an article from an outline provided
4) Create a promotional email message

This tool helps get your ideas flowing, your creativity turned on, and helps give you many new ways and strategies to communicate with your audience.

Tool 2 - Email Writer

Are you ready for some help creating email marketing messaging? This is your tool!
Enter up to seven values which describe what the email message is for, then click Create My Email.
Also, and probably the most fun to play with, you can choose up to five different message tones, to give your message various interesting voices and moods.

All of the options and fields are included in the screen capture below:

And you can always go back and edit your values for different results and outcomes. It’s fast, quick and easy.
Now you can create new innovative and impactful emails quickly and easily. Emails that generate response, engagement, and results!

Tool 3 - Email Optimizer

This one’s a personal favorite. Take any email message and “juice it up.”
Simply paste in your email message as best as you can write it, select your optimization, choose your tone, and generate email.
The tool helps you by focusing on a specific outcome. What are you hoping to achieve?

See below for more available field areas. The results will show on the right side after the user clicks the blue Generate Email button.

In you need a business-like factual (and logical) email, choose the Spock tone. If you want to lighten up your message and make it fun, choose the Ferris Bueller, Leslie Knope, or Ted Lasso tones.

Who Can Benefit from Inspired Marketer?

Scenario 1: A creator facing challenges in keeping their content fresh and engaging, with strong engagement from subscribers, especially when dealing with topics that might be considered mundane or repetitive.

Scenario 2: A creator struggling to consistently produce high-quality email content due to time constraints and multiple deadlines.

Scenario 3: A creator looking to expand their reach to a broader or more diverse audience without losing the personal touch in their communications.


So there you have it. Three great ways to use the Inspired Marketer AI tool, for your own email inspiration. Good luck and have fun!
You can get full and complete free access to the tool here:


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