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Net Atlantic offers a wealth of information about email marketing, including tips & tricks, research, email marketing deliverability, best practices, segmentation, email automation, how to use images, and many other topics. Read our articles below.

2024 Articles

Top Email Newsletter Advertising Networks to Monetize Your Email Newsletter
- Read about what advertising networks are and how to profit from participating in an advertising network
Ageless Appeal: Strategies for Maketing to a Diverse Audience
- How ageism can hurt brands, and how to properly market to a diverse audience

2023 Articles

What is Prompt Engineering - And How to Use It In Your Marketing
- Successful strategies when using prompt engineering to promote and market your solutions
Five Quick AI Tactics You Can Use Today in Your Email Marketing
- Save time, move fast, work efficiently
How Your Email Tone Impacts Email Marketing Results
- What kinds of email tone works best in email marketing?
Diversifying Income Streams: How Email Newsletters Can Offset Demonetization Risks
- With the rise of demonetization issues on popular platforms, it's become crucial to explore alternative channels
SMB Focus: How Inspired Marketer Can Transform Small Business Marketing on a Limited Budget
- Helping users craft personalized emails, brainstorm content ideas, and generate promotional email articles
The Top 20 Takeaways from the Pathway to Platinum 12th Annual Business Conference
- Strategy and recommendations for working on your business rather than in it
The Top Three Tools Built into the Inspired Marketer Free AI Toolset - and How to Use Them
- A powerful new AI tool developed exclusively for email marketers
New Email Sender Authentication Requirements from Gmail and Yahoo
- New procedures and prodtocols to prove that you are a good email sender
Top 10+ Takeaways from Marketing Profs B2B Marketing Forum Conference
- AI, marketing trends, new tactics, proven resources, predictions, and more
The Best Types of Re-Engagement Email (+8 Useful Examples)
- Including 32 Re-Engagement Subject Lines Proven to Work on Stubborn, Lazy, Lifeless Subscribers
How Do B2B and B2C Email Marketing Compare? (+New Data)
- A deep dive into secure email gateway companies and differences with B2B and B2C email marketing
How to Win in Email Marketing with Email Segmentation
- A full exploration with 27 brilliant segmentation examples
Crafting Compelling Call to Action Phrases
- Compell your readers to take action with your email
Learn From Yoda: Jedi Master Shares Email Marketing Wisdom
- Email you must read. Powerful message, it has.
The Ultimate Guide to Opt-Outs
- How to Avoid Losing Your Email Subscribers
When Email Click-through and Website Analytics Numbers Don't Always Make Sense
- Getting Ad Blocked - Why It Happens, and What To Do About It
Censorship Online: Social Media Versus Email Marketing
- Is Email the Last Form of Online Free Speech?

2022 Articles

If Benjamin Franklin Did Email Marketing This Is What He Would Send
- Today we call this kind of person a thought leader. Benjamin Franklin was one of the first.
Best Email Marketing Practices Every Successful Not-For-Profit Should Know
- How Non-For-Profits can use effective email marketing to build advocay and raise funding
Common Email Marketing Mistakes ... And How to Avoid Them
- 11 mistakes that can cause big problems with your email marketing
Filtering Political Email at Three Email Mailbox Providers: Is Incoming Political Email Treated Farily and Equitatably by Big Tech?
- An Exploration of Potential Biases in Spam Filtering Algorithms (SFAs)
Eight Unique and Clever Ways to Use Email Marketing That You May Not Have Thought Of
- See if you can make use of some of these unusual methods
Hello ... Is it my email you're looking for?
- Lionel Richie asked this question (well sort of) back in the ’80s, with his heartstring-tugging hit song Hello
Everything I Know About Email Acquisition Marketing I Learned from my Grandmother
- The five overiding principlals for any and all acquisition activity
Seven Handy Email Marketing Tools to Help You Write and Create Your Best Email Newsletter
- Video creation, Artificial Intelligence,Email Checkers, Meme Makers, Aspect Ratio Calculators, Word Converters, Way Back Machine
Winning in the 3D Chess Game of Email Marketing
- What do successful email marketers know that those struggling with their email campaigns do not?
The 5 Best Types of Email Content to Send for Non-Profit Organizations
- Consider your audience, message and goals when advocating your mission
The Optimal Times to Send Email Marketing and Post on Social Media
- The best times to send your email marketing and make posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
How to Implement Interactivity into Your Email Marketing for Increased Engagement and Response
- Fun and clever ways to get readers to engage with your email
New Year New Budget: How to Effectively Plan Your Marketing for the Year
- Helpful information as you go through the annual budgeting process

2021 Articles

How to Integrate Your Email Marketing Strategy with Your Content Strategy Using 7 Tested Methods
- Leveraging email and driving traffic with content and more
Innovative Email Marketing Lead Generation Ideas and Best Relationship Practices for Insurance, Finance, and Investment Industries
- Learn some new strategies on how to email market to your financial audience.
The 5 Biggest Mistakes You're Making in Your Email Marketing
- Find out what mistakes you're making in your email marketing and how to fix them.
7 Essential Email Discussion Group List Settings Every List Owner and List Admin Should Know
- See the seven essentials for email discussion group hosting.
Straight Talk on Email Marketing to the Generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z
- Learn the key distinctions separating the generations and how to email market to each one.
How to Choose an ESP that is Worth Your Time and Money: Written by Email Experts
- See what factors are important when choosing an email service provider.
How Investment and Financial Services Providers Can Use Email Marketing to Their Advantage
- Check out what strategies have proven to work for financial services providers.
Net Atlantic's Expert Guide to Email Marketing
- Everything you need to know about email marketing, curated by our experts here at Net Atlantic.
How to Make a Boring Topic Sound Exciting in Your Email Marketing
- Ever wondered how to make a boring topic thrilling? Use our tips on how to use it in email marketing.

2020 Articles

An Old School Sales Tool Resurfaces to Help Close New Business: The One Page Sell-Sheet
- How a one-page sheet can save your company.
Straight Talk on Email Marketing to College Students: From a College Student
- Learn about college students and how to email market them.
Don't Overlook These 20 Free, Undervalued Marketing Resources and Strategies
- Free tools that everyone can use for their business.
Marketing Budgets Explained: Even Your Kids Could Do It
- How to pitch, allocate, and spend your budget.
Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns: Surefire Strategies That Can Work for You
- 6 Tactics to drive engagement and and generate superior campaign results.
7 Times When You Should Not Send That Email
- Think twice before hitting that Send button.
Making use of AI, Grammarly, Gmail Smart Compose, and Other Powerful New Tools to Write Your Best Email Marketing
- New tools make the writing process easier every day.
7 Ways to Create Empathy in Email: Because You Care
- Because connecting with your readers in a genuine way is the best way.
Create Lasting Value with Evergreen Content in your Emails, Blogs, Social Accounts and Web Sites
- Do you ever run out of content ideas? Evergreen content will be your best friend.
5 Tactics to Make More Money with Your Email Newsletter
- Are you ready to make money through email? Look no further than this list of tips and tricks.
You've Created Your Google My Business Account: Now What? How to Benefit from Your Insights
- Your Google My Business Insights are crucial! Read our article on how to interpret your insights and strategies to benefit from them.
How to Stop Your Email Newsletter Readers from Unsubscribing
- Wondering how to stop your subscribers list from dwindling down? Read our tips on how to keep those readers!
26 Real Ways to Increase Engagement In Your Email Newsletter
- Read how engagement is one of the most imporant ways to get results from your email. How many of these ideas can you use?
A Free and Simple Way to Add A Site Search to Your Own Web Site So Visitors Can Search Your Own Site Easily
- Don't send people away from your web site. Let them search your own web site for the answers they seek. Free and easy to deploy.
Get Domain Authority to Come Up Better on Google Search Engine
- Increase relevance, authority, and visits to your web site. Read about this critical term for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 
Where to Find the Best Content for Your Email Newsletter
- Review these resources and see if you can find some ideas or be inspired. 
20 Effective Call to Action (CTA) Phrases
- See how others get people to take action. Deploy some of these for your own uses. 
How to Increase Subscribers for Your Mailing List
- Read our list on how to gain more subscribers. 
How to Find Out Why Your Emails are Not Going Into the Inbox
- Email delivery is crucial. Use our solutions to improve inboxing.
Inbox Tabs Coming to Outlook Webmail
- Learn about Outlook's new inbox tabbed email reading capability feature.
View Time Optimization (VTO) Coming to Verizon Media
- Read about Verizon's new search feature that leads to an improved customer experience.

2019 and previous articles

35 Great Calls to Action (CTAs) That Anyone Can Use
- Use these 35 valuable CTA's to grab your reader's attention.   
Email Subject Lines That Work

- Use these subject lines do's, don't's, and suggestions to increase engagement.
What is a Sender Score and Why Does it Matter?  

- Your sender score is more important thank you think.
Ramp Up and Increase Sending Volume for the Best Email Marketing Success

- Building up your email volume is the best way to achieve email marketing success.
How to Identify Your Most Profitable Customers

- Finding your most profitable customers is a crucial task to build business profits.
3 Reasons Why Subscribers Opt-Out of Your Email Newsletter Mailings

- Stop your subscribers from unsubscribing after reading this article.
Using Heat Maps to Design Your Emails and Gain Insight on Subscriber Analytics

- Heat Maps will give your business valuable information about email engagement.
Politics and Email: 3 Winning Strategies

- See what some of our country's most famous political leaders' email marketing strategies that helped them gain popularity in the polls.    
7 Easy Strategies to Optimize Your Google My Business
- Use these strategies to promote your company and manage your online presence.
How to make the most of Amazon Prime Day
- Any business can capitalize on this opportunity. Read Net Atlantic's tips and tricks to stand out on Prime Day. 
How to Write Compelling Content, Clever Copy, and Hard-to-Ignore Headlines for your Email Newsletter
- How do you create compelling content? Our guide details it if you're in a writers funk.  
Top 12 Features in ListManager... You May Not Know About!
- We created a list of the Top 12 Features in our ListManager program; sign up today!     
Hotelier Email Marketing Challenges & Solutions

- How can you increase revenue, improve customer retention, and maximize inbox delivery for your hotel? Look no further than Net Atlantic!
Is Your Email Campaign Missing the Mark?

- Walk through our list so your company can achieve targeted email marketing campaign success.    
Are Your Leads Leaking Out of the Funnel?
- How to keep your prospects engaged, informed, and educated to receive their business. 
What's the Best Email Clickthrough Rate?
- Spoiler: there isn't one. See the factors that affect an email campaign and why they do. 
Online Marketing: Is Email Enough?

- Multi-channel marketing has grown in the past few decades. How can your business extend the reach of your online presence?   
Audit Your Email Marketing Strategy

- Follow these simple steps to identify problems between your lists, content, segmentation, schedule, and campaigns.
How Gmail Priority Inbox Will Affect Your Email Marketing  
- See how this update will affect your business and how you can fix it.
Before Your Email Gets Opened, it Needs to Reach the Inbox

- Deliverability is key. See how you can improve your company's email deliverability. 
Growing Your Mailing List with Co-Registration
- Cross promotion is crucial for your business. See our list of vendors who will make the process simple and easy! 
Strategies on Growing Your Email Mailing List - Without Compromising Your Opt-In Principles!

- Our list of tips on how to grow your email marketing campaign list is not one to miss.    
The Four Golden Rules of E-Mail Marketing
- Our 4 Golden Rules are email marketing campaign must-haves.      
Tracking the Results of Your Email Newsletter Efforts - It's all about Response

- Generating and tracking response to your email marketing campaigns efforts are crucial. 
Email Marketing DOs and DON'Ts
- These helpful hints are perfect for any email marketing campaigns. 
How to Get Advertisers for Your Email Mailing List
- Here's how you can monetize your emails by acquiring advertisers. 
Buying Leads - Resource List: Prices, Selects & Specialties

- Read our research: pricing for buying leads, special information, and 17 service providers for your email campaign.