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Improve the scalability of your email marketing programs with cloud computing.

By offering StrongView On-Demand, a cloud-based email marketing solution, Net Atlantic fully leverages cloud computing, providing all the benefits of installed software via SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) in one versatile solution, just as if you hosted your email server in your own secure storage site. The cloud servers are located in an actual data center, but are considered “virtual” because they can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, any time.

By taking advantage of commercial-grade virtual servers offered via the cloud, StrongView On-Demand Edition offers the following benefits:

  • Faster Sending Speeds – Our cloud-hosted email marketing servers have immediate, redundant access to the Internet, allowing your campaigns to launch at speeds limited only by your ability to click the Send button.
  • Flexible Data Integration – StrongView On-Demand is easier to connect to your database and CRM tools through the cloud, providing ultimate flexibility to meet your business requirements.
  • Higher Security – Cloud server hosting companies employ the most up-to-date practices for firewall protection, server security and data redundancy, making the cloud the safest place to store your data.
  • Future Proof – Cloud computing ensures that the latest server software updates and equipment upgrades are in effect, putting your business at the forefront of email server technology.

Net Atlantic has a proven track record of providing low cost, rapid deployment, SaaS solutions. We understand that moving your organization's critical software applications to a SaaS environment is a big decision, which requires that you understand what cloud computing is all about, and how it may benefit your organization. To learn more about the benefits of applying cloud computing to email marketing, please contact us at (877) 263-8285.

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