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StrongView® for MS Dynamics CRM Email Marketing

Improve your campaigns with integrated CRM data

StrongView On-Demand from Net Atlantic is the premier email marketing and marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

StrongView Connection to MS CRM Data

StrongView On-Demand connects to Microsoft CRM and allows email marketing target lists to be built using queries against the MS CRM database. Multiple queries can be built and saved for reuse. Queries can incorporate both CRM data and past email campaign click-through history.

Email Marketing Campaign Results in Microsoft CRM

  • Opens, click-throughs, bounces and unsubscribes from each StrongView email marketing campaign or transactional email are replicated from a StrongView into MS CRM native tables.
  • This replication approach makes the email marketing data fully actionable within Microsoft CRM. For example:

    • Salespeople can call on a list of prospects who have clicked on a link to a particular product
    • New email campaigns can be segmented based on the click-through results of prior campaigns
    • Aggregate reports are available through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • With a locally integrated MS CRM email marketing solution, results are real-time and even large target list data is quickly transmitted to StrongView for email marketing campaigns.

Sample MS CRM Screens

A user can easily see which mailings a Contact has received in the Success Logs for that Contact:

MS CRM Email Marketing Screen ShotClick for Larger Image

By drilling down on a previous mailing that a Contact has received, a CRM user can see which specific links the Contact clicked on and can, in turn, target dialog toward those interests:

Tracking Logs

Clicks by a Contact for a Specific MailingClick for Larger Image

Advanced Finds and Saved Views

In aggregate, this same data can be used to construct Advanced Finds for future email marketing, mailing or calling campaigns. In this example, an Advanced Find is created based on the criteria of all users who clicked on the "Email Marketing in the Age of Social Media with Return Path" link.

Advanced Find on Aggregate Click-Throughs for a Newsletter ItemClick for Larger Image

Here’s part of the resulting list:

Advanced Find Result Set for Specific Click ThroughClick for Larger Image

These results can be incorporated into an MS CRM campaign Target Marketing List, or the same records can be queried from within the StrongView interface for use in a targeted, follow up email campaign.

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of StrongView for MS Dynamics CRM Email Marketing integration, please contact us at (877) 263-8285.

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