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CRM Email Marketing Integration

Keep your email marketing and CRM database in sync.

Seamless integration between StrongView Message Studio and your internal databases eliminates the need to manually upload CRM data and email tracking data. StrongView On-Demand email marketing platform integrates with many top CRM applications, including:

By integrating email with your CRM data, you can identify your most influential and profitable customers and automate marketing campaigns based on key events, web analytics data, purchase activity, to deliver personalized hyper-relevant marketing messages across all touch points.


CRM Email Marketing integration is two-directional, allowing you to target and send segmented email campaigns based on customer intelligence gleaned from your CRM system. This two-way integration enables StrongView On-Demand to automatically write real-time mailing information and tracking results, including, opens, clicks and unsubscribes, back into your CRM at an individual Lead or Contact level.

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