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StrongView® for Salesforce CRM Email Marketing

Improve your sales team's productivity and effectiveness with integrated email marketing functionality for CRM.

StrongView's Connector allows StrongView Message Studio users to integrate with's cloud-based CRM platform to easily leverage rich behavioral customer data and send highly targeted email marketing campaigns.

The two-way integration enables Message Studio to automatically write real-time mailing information and tracking results, including, opens, clicks and unsubscribes, back into The data flows in automatically and you can integrate the performance of your email marketing campaigns with your actual sales data, down to the individual lead or contact level.

Detailed mailing information and tracking results appear in

Get detailed mailing information and tracking results

Detailed mailing information and tracking results appear in Salesforce.comClick for Larger Image

  • Simplified Campaign Creation – CRM data is readily available in StrongView On-Demand and is easily leveraged to create targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Two-way Reporting – Track campaign results using standard StrongView On-Demand reports while providing your Sales team with detailed mailings and results information within their accounts.
  • Real-time Tracking – Mailing information and tracking results are written back to the CRM at an individual Lead or Contact level in real-time.
  • Extensive Targeting Options – The following data objects in can be used for targeting purposes directly in Message Studio: Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Campaigns, Campaign Members.

Create targets dynamically using profile data from Salesforce.comClick for Larger Image

Create targets dynamically using profile data from


  • StrongView Message Studio module v4.1 or above
  • Salesforce Unlimited, Enterprise or Professional Edition

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