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StrongView® Email Delivery Server

Reliable, high performance email delivery for 24/7 multi-server environments.

StrongView Email Delivery Server is a highly scalable, RAID 1 fault-tolerant MTA appliance that offers superior performance and reliability in multi-server environments. Optimized for high volume email delivery and management, StrongView Email Delivery Server comes pre-configured with StrongView's industry leading MTA software in a SMTP-compliant "rack ready" appliance.

Extremely flexible, StrongView Email Delivery Server is fully upgradeable and works seamlessly with StrongView's complete email delivery platform, which includes its EAS integration technology, transactional email module, and the StrongView Message Studio campaign management solution. The ability to cluster with multiple StrongView Email Integration Servers enables a single view of all mailings and readily supports high availability requirements.

Featuring smart bounce management, simplified administration, real-time reporting, Live Updates, and 24/7 support, StrongView Email Delivery Server provides unsurpassed reliability and performance for email delivery.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • High-performance, reliable delivery
  • "Fire and forget" interface
  • Multi-server management
  • Live Updates for ongoing compliance
  • Smart bounce management
  • 100% visibility into delivery rates
  • Integrated authentication standards

Learn More About Email Delivery Server Features & Benefits

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