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StrongView On-Demand Edition,
a complete turnkey solution

A complete, turnkey email marketing system for campaign management, data segmentation and targeting that offers superior control, delivery and bottom-line results. With StrongView On-Demand Edition, you get:

  • Net Atlantic Navigator, an intuitive, streamlined email workflow wizard for creating lists, targets, templates, and mailings.
  • Sophisticated campaign management and data integration
  • Advanced data segmentation and targeting
  • Real-time visibility and powerful A/B split testing
  • Smart bounce management, domain throttling and authentication

Maximize the Effectiveness of your Email Campaigns

StrongView On-Demand Edition offers you the ability to leverage customer data, target your campaign and deliver relevant messaging to the right person at the right time, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns and ultimately do better marketing. You can:

  • Take full advantage of your customer data for more effective targeting, with straightforward, real-time access to your data
  • Maximize campaign results with guidance from our deliverability, creative and strategy experts
  • Reduce the cost (and improve the ROI) of your email marketing programs with StrongView's NO-CPM offering
  • Get complete control of your campaigns with a dedicated suite of email marketing solutions

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