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Maximize performance and integration with a reliable, scalable platform

Despite the complexities of delivering messages in an ever-changing email environment, many companies still rely on custom-code and freeware email delivery technology for their email marketing and transactional email systems. These unsupported solutions require heavy IT resources to manage and maintain, and lack the performance and scalability to support high-volume delivery.

StrongView's email platform was specifically designed to offer companies all the benefits of an in-house solution with minimal IT requirements for ongoing management. StrongView's patented architecture provides performance levels of 10 to 100 times that of traditional MTAs, which allows you to get your email delivered quickly, reliably and efficiently.

High Performance Email Technology Products

StrongView On-Demand Email Delivery Server

A high-performance message transfer agent (MTA) that incorporates advanced technology, domain throttling and the latest sending protocols for superior deliverability, tracking and management.

  • High-performance, reliable delivery optimized for today’s sending environment
  • Live Updates for ongoing compliance with ISPs and other receiving domains
  • Smart bounce management to enable best practices and list hygiene
  • 100% visibility into delivery rates with drill-down into root causes of failure
  • Integrated authentication standards, domain throttling and optional certification services

StrongView On-Demand Email Integration Server

A commercial-grade email application server featuring StrongView’s high-performance MTA, a robust API layer for easy back-end data integration and message assembly capabilities to create tailored, dynamic emails.

  • High-performance delivery and in-depth reporting
  • Dynamic message assembly for one-to-one messages
  • Robust APIs enabling open connectivity and integration
  • Multi-server management and real-time performance monitoring

StrongView On-Demand Transactional Email Platform

A reliable, commercial-grade platform for transforming generic, service-based messages into highly branded and personalized messages that drive revenue through integrated offers and performance tracking.

  • Dynamic message assembly and real-time visibility
  • Integrated deliverability reporting and granular response tracking
  • Differentiated sending and smart bounce management
  • SMS text notifications and alerts

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