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Grow your email list and improve subscriber engagement.

StrongForms are secure web forms that help you grow your email lists, increase your reach, and gather subscriber preferences. StrongForms let readers fill out their own email contact information and send it directly to your StrongView On-Demand account. StrongForms make it easy to:

  • Place subscription forms on your website to grow your list and increase your reach.
  • Let subscribers keep their own contact and preference information up to date.
  • Match your subscribers' frequency preferences according to their own settings.

StrongForms help you achieve better targeting of subscribers, higher subscriber retention, reduced email failure rates, and fewer unsubscribes.

What Are StrongForms?

We offer three types of StrongForm to add to your StrongView On-Demand account:

  • StrongForm Create – This form is added to your website, letting subscribers submit their email address, name and other information depending on your needs.
  • StrongForm Update – This form can be linked from your outgoing mailings, so your subscribers can click on the link and update their mailing data and preferences.
  • StrongForm Repeat – This form is linked from your outgoing mailings, so subscribers can click on the link to update their mailing recurrence preference.

How It Works

It's simple:

  • You choose one of the StrongForm options shown above.
  • We provide a section of HTML code that you insert into your website.
  • Your subscribers' contact info goes directly to your StrongView On-Demand account.
  • Your StrongForm redirects to a basic confirmation page that thanks your subscribers for joining your list.
  • If you use sub-organizations, we help you customize and reuse our HTML form code for any one of them.

Choose one of our StrongForm packages or build a custom StrongForm with additional fields, captcha validation, and mailing frequency settings. We also develop custom confirmation pages.

For more information about StrongForms, contact a Net Atlantic Account Executive at (877) 263-8285.

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