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StrongView® Message Studio Features & Benefits

Create and automate dynamic email marketing campaigns that deliver targeted messages.

With Message Studio, marketers can create highly relevant and engaging messages by leveraging subscriber profile, behaviors and lifecycle events.

  • Easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • Create one-time, recurring, and scheduled campaigns from one system
  • Automatically create multi-part messages that simultaneously send both text and HTML that is optimized based on what the recipient can view.
  • Role-based permissions enable collaboration across multiple organizations, divisions and business units
  • Multi-tenancy for agencies, service providers and large enterprises
  • Net Atlantic Navigator, an intuitive, streamlined email workflow wizard for creating lists, targets, templates, and mailings

Effortless Content Creation and Management

Easily create and edit personalized messages without HTML expertise

Message Studio enables marketers to easily create and edit personalized messages based on list demographics, business intelligence or behavioral data such as actions taken by readers. An easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor includes functions for editing copy, including links, with no knowledge of HTML needed.

  • Message template authoring using WYSIWIG editor
  • Powerful rules-based dynamic content engine and mail-merge personalization
  • Hosts images on pre-defined media servers

Advanced Data Segmentation and Targeting

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time

Marketers can create one-time, recurring or scheduled campaigns and send targeted messages based on user-defined market segments, purchase and behavioral data. Easily build, manage and define sophisticated targets based on almost any data for mailings without any technical programming knowledge.

  • Point-and-click query builder
  • Ad-hoc SQL queries
  • Suppression lists
  • Seed lists

Powerful Multi-variate and A/B Testing

Continuously test and improve your email marketing success

Campaign Optimizer enables marketers to launch campaigns that test multiple variations of content at one time and automatically determine and deploy the best-performing content to the remainder of the list. This gives you maximum ROI with your campaigns! Additional A/B testing options make it easy to test any component of an email.

  • Optimize campaigns in real-time with advanced multi-variate testing
  • Automatically deploy winning content based on established success criteria
  • A/B testing functionality randomly generates up to 20 different splits per test mailing
  • Hard count and percentage-based testing options
  • Leverage control groups to perform advanced analysis of campaign effectiveness

Real-time Visibility and Reporting

Measure your email success with relevant and actionable reports

The reporting system provides visibility into all aspects of campaign performance and analyzes the results. Robust custom reports can be created based on any criteria or standard reports used that highlight results and identify key drivers of success. Delivery can be granularly tracked down to the recipient's email address and analyzed based on multiple criteria.

  • Real-time response tracking of a wide variety of metrics, including targets, sent, failed, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and complaints
  • Smart bounce processing
  • Detailed delivery reports by clicks, failure type and domain
  • Self-help screens for bounce correction problems
  • Presentation-quality reports, output to PDF or Excel formats

Data Integration and Control

Real-time connectivity to all of your data assets

Message Studio integrates directly with your existing data assets for real-time targeting and personalization. Advanced de-duplication, data hygiene and security capabilities keep your information current, accurate and safe.

  • Create/import ad-hoc databases (any format)
  • Point-and-click connection to common databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres)
  • Direct file integration - easily deploy data from other apps
  • Keep data clean and up-to-date with smart bounce management

Intelligent Email Delivery Infrastructure

Future-proof delivery platform that can scale to meet your growing needs

The StrongView platform delivers high-performance, availability, manageability and security. A service oriented architecture (SOA) provides seamless integration with enterprise applications and Live Updates ensure up-to-date compliance with ever-changing ISP and corporate anti-spam delivery parameters.

  • Deliver over 1 million personalized messages per hour
  • Virtual routing for segregation by mail class, permission level or delivery risk
  • Authentication standards compliance with Sender ID, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and more
  • Reputation service integration with Sender Score, Habeas, Goodmail and more
  • Inbound message processing for bounces, replies and
    feedback loops

Industry-Leading Viral and Social Marketing Capabilities

Expand your reach by enabling and motivating sharing via social networks

In addition to its comprehensive email marketing functionality, Message Studio includes viral marketing capabilities to extend the reach of your online and email marketing efforts.

  • Social Direct: Launch direct response campaigns in channels such as Twitter and Facebook and see analytics detailing your results.
  • Social Notes: Make your web and email content easily shareable via email, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks
  • Influencer: Identify and motivate key brand influencers to share offers with their social networks and track results for future re-marketing
  • Forward-to-a-Friend: Allow email recipients to forward your campaign by logging into web-based email accounts from Yahoo, Gmail and other top ISPs

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