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Survey Tool Features & Benefits

Question Design

Use multiple question types to get the information you need to send more targeted campaigns.

  • Easy-to-use question design wizard
  • Maintain a library of reusable questions
  • Comprehensive question support, including single and multiple choice, numeric, text, open-ended, drop-down menu and Likert scale and matrix
  • Effortless integration of images, graphics, movies and sound files

Survey Design

Easily create a comprehensive and cohesive survey with an intuitive drag-and-drop design wizard.

  • Intuitive survey design wizard with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Multiple creation methods, including using an existing template, editing a previous survey or creating your own
  • Support for multiple pages, progress bars and skip or branch logic
  • Easily randomize the order of answers (individually or group)
  • Define survey start and end dates
  • Assign answers a point value to easily create scored surveys
  • Generate custom URL link for website hosting

Survey Deployment

Choose from several options to deploy your survey.

  • Generate URL link to post on web-site
  • Generate URL link to send via email
  • Embed your survey in the body of an email
  • Integrated email invitations
  • Ability to send reminders to non-responses/ autoresponder support
  • Deploy on a mobile phone or PDA ML

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor responses in real-time and drill-down on key responses that can be used for email segmentation and targeting.

  • Dynamic, real-time reporting
  • Automatic top-line summary of all questions
  • Easily compare number of completed vs. uncompleted surveys
  • Filter responses by individual, question, page or date range
  • Use dynamic charts and advanced cross tabulation
  • Export data via Microsoft Excel, CSV file and XML

International Capabilities

Support for multi-byte characters allows you to translate and distribute surveys internationally.

  • Support for foreign language translation
  • UNICODE browser support

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