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StrongView® Transactional Email

Features & Benefits


Designed to slip easily into any IT environment, our Web Services APIs enable seamless integration with back-end business processes and data sources so that you’ll be able to effectively trigger emails, customize messages to customer preferences and behaviors, and endure a consistent customer experience across multiple touch points.

  • Web services for SOAP/XML integration

Dynamic Content

A powerful dynamic message assembly engine transforms plain-text transactional emails into a branded company communication that dynamically integrates relevant cross- and up-sell offers based on prior purchases and stated preferences.

  • Advanced personalization and mail merge
  • XML/XSL dynamic content engine
  • Personalized tracking links
  • Attachment encoding


Real-time reporting and tracking provides visibility into performance and delivery of your transactional email alongside your traditional marketing email. Detailed data on open, click and failure rates is essential to properly managing your service and marketing activities for best results.

  • Smart bounce filtering
  • Individual link tracking to capture opens and clicks

Real-time Delivery

A transactional email is often a business-critical communication that requires expedited delivery. StrongView prioritizes transactional emails to ensure that they are delivered immediately and reliably at rates that exceed 400k messages per hour.

  • Domain/MX throttling
  • Accreditation and reputation support
  • Authentication standard support (Sender ID, DomainKeys and DKIM)

SMS Text Alerts and Notifications

A short message serve (SMS) module enables marketers to deliver instant notifications and event-triggered alerts to mobile phones via their choice of message aggregator. This provides companies with the ability to offer their customers more options for receiving time-sensitive messages.

  • Integration with existing delivery/notification systems
  • Centralized platform for text messaging and email
  • Advanced personalization and mail merge

Live Updates

Keep pace with ever-changing ISP and corporate anti-spam delivery parameters – such as bounce filter definitions and recommended domain/MX throttle configurations – with StrongView’s automatic update functionality.

Live Updates keep you up to date with the latest email delivery best practices, standards and compliance methods; and protects your StrongView system from emerging challenges for years to come.


Monitor server and network performance in real-time and quickly diagnose issues using StrongView’s comprehensive system management tools. Enjoy streamlined administration with:

  • Web browser-based interface for configuration, reporting and management
  • Comprehensive Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Real-time XML administration/monitoring port
  • SNMP interface for easy status monitoring

Multi-server Management

Achieve optimal sending performance, redundancy and security policy compliance by leveraging StrongView’s intelligent multi-server management capabilities, including IQMP (Intelligent Queue Management Protocol) for bi-directional communications between clustered servers. Additional clustering highlights include:

  • Adaptive, email-optimized load balancing
  • Centralized, real-time reporting/statistics
  • Global management

High Availability

The StrongView Transactional Email Platform utilizes redundant hardware components to achieve business critical availability. A RAID subsystem and hot-plug power supplies define hardware availability. Secure protocols for message delivery and administrator access ensure the security of your communications and network.

For additional information about the StrongView Transactional Email Platform, call (877) 263-8285.

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