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StrongView® Web Analytics Integration

Integration enables customers to leverage real-time web analytics data to create effective customer-centric email marketing campaigns

If you don't know what happens after a customer clicks through from an email promotion, you will never know the true success of a campaign, nor will you be able to capture vital information for future re-marketing efforts. Web analytics integration with your email marketing application provides you the type of consolidated reporting across email and web site activity that you need to deliver effective 1-to-1 communications.

You can improve your email programs by leveraging web analytics data to send highly relevant and targeted messages based on a closed-loop view of your customers. We integrate with Coremetrics, Google Analytics and Omniture/Adobe and others.

StrongView On-Demand Edition already offers real-time response tracking on a wide variety of metrics, including targets, sent, failed, opens, clicks, unsubscribes and complaints, and integration with web analytics allows email marketers to extend this valuable data with specific web site behavior.

Benefits of StrongView Web Analytics Integration

  • Launch timed email marketing campaigns based on visitor demographics, behavior and preferences
  • View consolidated data to assess effectiveness of email content, promotions and overall marketing efforts
  • Measure impact of email marketing campaigns across clicks, purchases and other key data points
  • Increase revenues through sophisticated remarketing to target segments, including behavioral segmentation and shopping cart abandonment programs

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of StrongView's Web Analytics Integration, please contact us at (877) 263-8285.

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