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StrongView® On-Demand Edition Overview

Reach, engage and influence your target audience.

StrongView enables marketers to leverage two of the most powerful communication channels today to achieve their customer acquisition, retention and loyalty objectives. Our solutions range from industry-
leading email marketing, transactional email and viral marketing
technology to powerful social media marketing solutions and services
that enable marketers to effectively leverage this powerful new channel
for expanding reach and revenue. Explore our offerings to find a solution that’s right for you.

Email Marketing Solutions

StrongView’s email marketing solutions empower marketers to drive the highest value from their email marketing programs. Our wide range of solutions combine StrongView’s industry-leading platform with the strategic and deliverability expertise to drive conversions, increase brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction.

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Transactional Email Platform

StrongView’s transactional email platform enables marketers to take control of the branding, content and promotional elements of event-triggered email, such as order confirmations and shipping notices. A straight-forward integration with existing data sources and applications allows StrongView to efficiently assemble and immediately deliver fully branded and personalized messages that properly reflect customer preferences, purchase history and previous interactions with your brand.

Lifecycle Marketing Solution

StrongView's lifecycle marketing solution enables marketers to design and automate powerful, event-triggered email marketing programs with drag-and-drop simplicity. Fully integrated with Message Studio, StrongView's email marketing system, StrongView Lifecycle Marketing makes it possible to easily launch welcome, cart abandonment, win-back and other multi-stage dialogs without IT involvement.

Email Survey Tool

StrongView's email survey tool, powered by SensorPro, is an enterprise-grade online survey tool. It allows marketers to generate rich customer survey data for use in highly targeted email marketing campaigns. Using the Survey Tool, you can easily create fully branded surveys that capture customer preferences and satisfaction metrics.

Web Analytics Integration

StrongView's web analytics integration with your email marketing application provides you the type of consolidated reporting across email and web site activity that you need to deliver effective 1-to-1 communications. If you don't know what happens after a customer clicks through from an email promotion, you will never know the true success of a campaign, nor will you be able to capture vital information for future re-marketing efforts.

High-Performance Email Technology

StrongView's high-performance email technology overcomes the challenges of high-volume email delivery with a highly scalable, reliable and manageable system that can easily replace and consolidate underperforming commercial or open source MTAs. Free up IT resources with a proven platform that was specifically designed to overcome the challenges of today's ever-changing sending environment.

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